- Forney Controls:

- Forney FlameHawk®

Forney’s FlameHawk® fiber optic flame detector is a dual channel solid-state device designed for industrial and marine gas turbines, with remote mounting of electronics, optical probe mounts direct to gas turbine, no external cooling required, multiple fiber optic cable lengths available, ATEX/IECEX versions available. 

    - Compact dual channel Flame Scanners with Fiber Optic cables in various lengths and appropriate special optical lenses for different combustion applications and geometry, ATEX/IECEX versions available.
    - Compact dual channel Flame Scanners for direct mounting on sighting tubes, incl. different accessories, ATEX/IECEX versions available.
    - Flame Scanners and Control Units separated for various industrial combustion applications, including different accessories, ATEX/IECEX versions available.

- Forney Duct Burners:

- adVantage® Duct Burner
- Eagle Air II Coal/Gas Burner
- Standard Duct Burner
- PAF II Low Nox Burner

- Forney Utility Burners:

- SCR Reheating
- adVantage® Oil Duct Burner
- PAF Burner

- Forney Igniters:

- Flexible Single Tube Igniter
- Horn Igniter
- Oil Igniter DURAFire®
- MAXFIRE® Gas Igniter
- Q-87 Igniter
- HESI-High Energy Spark Igniters
- Gas Turbine HESI Igniter

- Forney Dampers:

- HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator)
   Bypass Dampers
- BiPlane™ Louver Damper

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